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Frequently asked questions

My experience as a hypnotherapist and as a trainer tells us that people still have similar types of misconceptions about hypnosis. Typically, we will hear something like (I know it sounds ridiculous) . . . "will you make me cluck like a chicken?!"

Unfortunately these inaccurate beliefs may still prevent people who could actually benefit from hypnotherapy from seeking help.

Perhaps some of these misunderstandings play a part in holding you back from seeking hypnotherapy.


Understanding misconceptions about hypnosis can alleviate your fears about being hypnotised, and  so below is a list of the common misconceptions and fears that we come across most frequently.

Do I lose Control?

Not in the slightest, if anything you will become more aware of what you are thinking and feeling. You will only divulge to me what you want to and any suggestions to the contrary would break the hypnotic state instantly.

Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe, you cannot get stuck in any way and you cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do. If an emergency arose whilst under hypnosis you would instantly "wake up" and deal with it as normal.

There is no 'real' feeling associated with hypnosis, and it can feel totally different to everybody. Some people find they have a feeling of heaviness, lightness or even nothing at all. Some people find that they don’t feel that relaxed, however some say that they relax very deeply; some go very lightly and most are right in the middle.  What is important is you have full awareness and full control and you will get what you need.”

What does hypnosis feel like?

Will I be asleep?

Don’t worry, your hypnotherapist won’t let you fall asleep. You remain quite aware of your surroundings, even in trance, and will hear sounds both inside and outside the room you’re in – a fact that can help you feel safe and allow yourself to enter trance.
You may be surprised that you clearly recall what was said to you during the session.

Am I under the power of the hypnotist?

This misconception is related to the one that says hypnosis is magical and mystical. The idea is probably influenced by stage hypnotists who appear to have power over those they hypnotise. Just keep in mind that people in stage hypnosis acts are willing participants. Hypnosis is really just self-hypnosis and the participants in a stage hypnosis show choose to join in – even if they appear not to.
It is simply not true that a hypnotist has any control over you. No hypnotherapist can make you do anything that you don’t want to do, or anything that is not in character.

Can I get stuck in trance?

What wakes you up in the morning? If you said ‘My alarm clock’, you’re missing the point. You always wake up from each night’s sleep – even when your alarm clock doesn’t ring. Similarly, you always awaken from trance.

Remember, trance is not like being in a coma and is not sleep. Trance is a natural state that you enter several times a day while you daydream, when your driving, engrossed in a good book.

You return to a ‘normal’ state of non-trance after each trance state. So, if you think about it, you have a daily practice of awakening from trance states – several times a day!

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