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Create a PAIN FREE Mindset!

Helping stressed and burned out professional women 


Running your own business and 'living the dream' is one of the most exhilarating journeys you can take, however it can present the very same problems that you want to leave behind.


Your personal energy affects every aspect of your business and your results.

1:1 Reset is your  tailor made roadmap focusing on the first two parts:




Are you an entrepreneur or business woman looking to create and produce at the highest levels while being emotionally fulfilled and not being in a place where you have this sense of anxiety and angst that you can often wake up with most days that comes with the running of a business?

Are you building something that you truly care about, yet there is a sense of pain that you feel daily, a sense of anxiety, the process of creating something brings upon you a sense of weight, and pressure. It is this weight and pressure that results in one of two scenarios. You either work and act in spite of it, and you then produce results. Or a lot of the time you move into procrastination and avoidance, you don't do what it is that you need to do. You wake up in the morning, you are guided by a voice inside you that says 'move'. And yet you do not move - a voice inside you that says 'act, make the decision, make the call, make the investment' and yet you don't do it. And so you frustrate, you procrastinate, you wonder why in your world there seems to be so much friction, so much pain, paralysis around the big decisions that you know you need to make.

Imagine if there was an opportunity,  a door that can open up to be able to unlock a way to easily take action on the things that you need to take action on a way that you can make decisions quickly, not with frustration, not with angst, not with fear. But with ease. With effortlessness.

As a business woman, one of the greatest gifts that you have is to wake up from a place of peace, as opposed to waking up in a place of fear.  Production requires you need to make wise decisions, it requires you to make smart decisions, tactical decisions, strategic decisions in your marketing with your people with your message. To have that level of clarity means that you have to operate from a place of certainty, to be able to move effortlessly through the day to be able to make decisions in a way that has a level of confidence around you. When you know at the deepest level, the things that used to hold you back don't hold you back anymore - this is what this process is designed for. It's to unlock all of the limitations that you have had in your world for the last several years, maybe even decades.

If you're a powerful entrepreneur or business woman, this is a place where you can come and you can learn the exact methodologies where you can easily and effortlessly unlock all the limitations that you've had in your world that have been holding you back from creating the life that you've always wanted.

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the Issue


       Feeling Stuck


How You Can Learn to Come Unstuck Easily 


Identify the limiting beliefs and programs holding you back and remove permanently  to create a different outcome and a different life!


       Feeling Exhausted and Burned Out


How You Can Learn To Master Your Mentality


Enhance focus, feel more energised and boost your energy, create more restful and positive time out of work!




How You Can Be The Authority of Your Sub Conscious Mind


Learn to trade procrastination for momentum and cultivate a strong sense of self esteem, confidence and clarity .


       Scarcity Mindset


How You Can Clear The Outdated Old Programming To Accelerate Limitless Wealth


The powerful healing process will completely transform your energy and vibration towards money  - right down to your DNA Level!!! 


       Avoiding Doing The Inner Healing And Emotional Work


How To Hack Into Your Holistic Health And Clear Old Trauma!


Identify what is sabotaging your success and make YOUR wellbeing a priority!


       Stressed Out


Learn How To Manage Your Stress Levels


How to regulate the stress producing hormone's affecting your nervous system and handle any situation with clam, clarity and ease!


       Not Enough Clients For Me


Understand How Your Business Is A Reflection Of Your Energy

Tap into your infinite power to become limitless - NOT limited and identify what needs to change to attract your ideal client!


       Anxiety Or Feelings of Incompetence


How To Trade Feelings of Lack Of Skills & Experience To Feelings of Empowerment And Success

Learn to eliminate old outdated beliefs and programs blocking and stopping you move forward, Have unshakeable confidence to get out there and share with the world what you have to offer!


       Not Sure Of My Passion, My True Genius Or What I Should Be Doing


Identify What It Is You Want To Do

Create a roadmap to identify and remove all obstacles and barriers of what scares you to enable you to take action and create your dream life!


      I'm Just Not Achieving My Dream Goal


Learn How to Create The Roadmap/ Treasure Map To Your Specific Goals

Eliminate all of the tasks on your to-do-list not in alignment with those goals and clear the obstacles and barriers in the way, break down into smaller do-able action steps to get you there!

good fit image.png

Before you even get to the Marketing Part  - You have to have  the Mindset and Energy Part on Point  - This is where your 1:1 Coaching comes in …

Are you an entrepreneur in coaching, counselling, therapy and healing struggling with your business and would love to overcome all limitations and outdated beliefs, blocks and programs, master your mindset and 10X your business to whole new levels?

If You have answered Yes and if any of the above issues resonate with you then you are in the right place!

What Your 1:1 Personalised Reset Program Looks Like:


The first part is understanding how to become an authority of your subconscious mind.   We will identify the limiting beliefs, outdated programs  and old stories that have been holding you back, providing you with the most proven powerful proven practices, tools and techniques that will help you create a success mindset that supports you in achieving your goals with ease.

We then focus on stepping into your true power by concentrating  on your wellbeing  by healing old trauma and overcoming any remaining self sabotage to tap into the most incredible version of yourself as self healing is the number one requirement for you to truly thrive in your professional and personal life.


The second  part is understanding your own personal energy, and appreciate how your energy affects every aspect of your business and your business results, learn how to apply your energy to the topic of money to quantum leap your business growth.


Lastly as you learn to manage your time and attention more effectively, create your personalised strategy for success to overcome procrastination, lack of energy and imbalances both in your personal and business.   Connect with your clients energetically and go from chasing clients to attracting clients; Go from hustling to flow.



This is highly unlike ANY Self work you have done before in not only do we identify ALL your blocks and old outdated programs - we CLEAR them once and for all!


Here is what you get inside Your Reset Program:

A Tailored Customised Program

Your success has 3 major parts: 40% Mindset, 40% Energy & Emotion and 20% Strategy, together we focus on the first two key parts as not all business coaches cover these!

Weekly Zoom Sessions

We will connect remotely once a week for 60 minute sessions that are fully tailored to YOU.

Remove Subconscious Emotional Triggers

Every session we identify the current and old/outdated thoughts and beliefs that are firing off the stress hormones and chemicals - weakening your nervous system and neutralise them PERMANENTLY. 

Customised Tools

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Trainer & Mindset Coach I will share with you  - your very own 'tool box' that consists of a variation of anti stress and anxiety techniques with right /left brain imprinting for positive results in as little as 90 seconds!

Rewiring and Changing Your Brain!

Awareness and understanding of unwanted patterns and behaviours by identifying how you think, feel and act.

Unique Back Pocket Coaching & Support!

Support service of remotely 'clearing' of any negative programs, fears or thoughts in between sessions.

Where are you right now and where do you want to be? 

What is my thinking?

Why am I not seeing my possibilities and potential NOW?

Why am I not taking the necessary action NOW?

What is my most limiting factor right NOW?


Our most limiting factor IS our mind!


Your Tailor Made 3 Month Program

Together we will map out a 3 month strategy to identify the areas you are most stuck and in the 'fight or flight' most!  Depending on how old we are, our life experiences and programs (good and bad) will determine how many sabotaging blocks, limiting beliefs and programs we have.  By focusing on the area most important to you, we can quickly start to identify where the sabotaging patterns are and clear them, creating a shift (right down to your DNA) with each program we clear - gradually moving the needle and aligning you to where you want to be in taking those action steps! - This proven method GIVES YOU results!
I can assure you that this is unlike 
ANY Self work you have done before in not only do we identify ALL your blocks and old outdated programs - We permanently CLEAR them once and for all!


So Why Work With Me?

Okay, so why work with me? What makes me different from all of the other Coaches out there?  Why invest your money and time with me?  
I have been a Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer for over 11 years, continually evolving and growing in human behaviour, learning how to effectively understand and manage the mind and emotions. 
Consider hiring a coach as YOUR Masters Degree in Human Behaviour, graduating when you have the things you want and are living the life you want.   
I am SUPER fortunate in having the BEST ongoing coaching to keep me up to date on the most effective ways of change and this is fed down through me to my amazing clients! I am there EVERY step of the way for you.  I share with you ONLY what creates permanent and lasting change!  YOU know what YOU want and NEED and in listening to these needs - we WILL get you there and deliver you RESULTS!!

If you are you ready for your transformational enrolment call to explore exactly where you are right now and what you are looking to achieve moving forward then click below to register your details. 


Client's Words

I saw Donna in May 22 after suffering from depression and anxiety. I had tried numerous councillor’s without results and almost thought this isn’t the route for me. I thought I’d give it once last try and booked a few sessions with Donna while at I was on a wellbeing retreat in Spain. From the first session there was an automatic click. She genuinely understood where I was at and pin pointed where I need to focus my energy. We went through different methods including hypnotise which I had tried in the past without results. I must admit I fought it and didn’t think the exercise would work but to my surprise it worked and felt great benefits of being under hypnosis and when I came round I had a warm feeling. Almost spiritual which is something didn’t think was possible. Following the success of the first session I blocked booked session every day throughout my 5 day retreat. I returned to the uk feeling revitalised and with a confident I never knew I had. I couldn’t recommend Donna more highly. Especially for those who lack self belief / motivation and suffer from anxiety.


Name withheld for confidentiality

Client's Words

From my first contact with Donna I felt at ease and totally relaxed.

My anxiety had become pretty much uncontrollable, now I have the tools and theconfidence to conjure my fears and emotions, thanks to her guidance and professional but personnel approach. I would 100 % recommend her.

We men find it hard to express our feelings and talk our problems, take my advice and reach out and start living, we aren’t cavemen anymore.

PH Alicante

Client's Words

I feel very different - things that normally upset me I feel very different now, this is the calmest I have ever felt - I feel acceptance and calm! Thank you so, so much for the recording. I've been listening to it every night before I sleep and it's so powerful. I feel like I am sleeping much deeper and I feel stronger somehow and so much more peaceful in the morning than I ever have. The bilateral response technique is also working so well for me, I use it a lot. I've also been working on the limiting beliefs and being even more specific with them. I feel like changing them is really changing the way I approach things right now. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. All of these things are so powerful and effective and life-changing.


If you are worried about the cost of getting started..
You should see the cost of staying exactly where you are..

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