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Are you running your own business as a coach, healer or therapist but not attracting a constant stream of ideal clients?

Your Beliefs Control Everything You Think, Feel and Do!

Your Subconcious Release Guided Energy Clearing Audio!

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When it comes to connecting with our dream clients, without realising, our own thoughts can repel those clients away from us and so it is really important to have to look at our thought patterns, beliefs and stories running through our brain on a regular basis.

There are so many limiting factors to consider that we don't realise we are blocking and sabotaging our own efforts – some are in our conscious awareness and some are at a much deeper level. 


In order to attract your dream client you have to believe in yourself and your product/service. You also need to be able to sell the client "on themselves" and take the required action steps.

What is so special about this subconscious release energy clearing audio?  

If you are wondering how you can create effective mental clarity and emotional balance, and to get behind the belief that 'what you want and deserve IS possible for you' then read on......


When focusing on our business, if we're not creating the results we want, we need to take a look at where we are right now and pay attention to our thoughts when asking questions such as:-

  • What are the reasons I'm not there yet?

  • What are my current outcomes?

  • What is it I want to create & why?

Wherever you are with your business right now is because of your thinking right NOW!


We have to get behind the belief that it IS possible.  When we truly believe it, our cognitive bias will start to look for the solutions & possibilities!

Studies show that even thinking one negative thought can trigger your body to release cortisol, a hormone known as a marker for stress levels. Stress keeps you off the track you want to be on, especially as there is a physical connection with our words and our thoughts!

There is a way to identify and clear your emotional and mental blocks and begin creating the life you were meant to have in ALL areas of your life!

Our subconscious mind is responsible for all of our automatic responses such as body habits and breathing however it is proven that it controls over 95% of our decisions and actions – meaning our conscious mind is responsible for only 5%!  What this means is most of automatic behaviours and responses throughout our day are been controlled at a level we are unaware of.  Ask yourself - what percentage of the day are you consciously choosing to think, feel and take action and what percentage of our day are you actually thinking, feeling and tacking action from our subconscious mind?


Depending on our upbringing, we have been programmed with certain beliefs.  We have thoughts attached to those beliefs, now if we think about how our brain works, by default it focuses on 70% of the negative ones (mostly unconsciously) and so with over 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts a day that’s a lot of negative emotions creating these neural pathways which get thicker and thicker throughout life!


If there are areas of life where we feel dissatisfied and our subconscious has programs that don’t support our goals and desires, then we constantly create experiences that consistently challenge and sabotage our efforts.

It really is important to know that beliefs are not just abstract ideas and thoughts that float around in our heads, they are very real in producing electrical chemical signals that flow around every cell of our body. 


Consciously you may feel and think that you are in charge of the quality, direction and success of your life, the truth is that at a subconscious level you may be simply living out adapted patterns and programs that you learned during childhood. As an adult these patterns may be causing conflict or resistance toward achieving success and where you want to be -

Time to eavesdrop on our thinking!!!!

So how do you get your subconscious mind up to date and in alignment with your conscious goals?

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With a formula that is the most powerful and effective method for instantly removing triggered emotional responses from these deep seeded subconscious beliefs!


Your Subconscious Release Guided Energy Clearing Audio!


Listening to your energy clearing audio will bring to you a feeling of “instant healing and wellbeing”, a process that will quickly and easily bring you to a place of inner calmness, and allow you to move forward from a grounded space of neutrality in any given situation!

For Only €7.00

How does the audio work?

When we are triggered by our limiting programs, multiple emotions activate and trigger our Fight – Flight – Freeze response.   Our system goes haywire releasing cortisol and epinephrine into our body.  This method 

is a breathing and relaxation process that allows your limiting programs and beliefs to be disconnected from the negative emotions that are causing the stress hormones to be released into your body and thereby reducing stress and its associated long term effects.

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Are you ready to start your wellness journey today?

Purchase below!
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Coach Donna xx

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