Limiting Beliefs

Limiting decisions we made in the past often times limit us and keep us from being able to create the future being the way we say we want it.  Did you ever make a limiting decision?   Maybe in the past you decided that it wasn't OK for you to feel good about yourself, or not OK for you to experience your magnificence.  Maybe sometime in the past you decided that it wasn't OK for you to be brilliant, or not OK for you to express yourself clearly, or not OK for you to be able to have good relationships...or maybe in the past you decided that you couldn't have good relationships -- with your children, or with the opposite sex.

We do this all the time.  Have you ever said, "I can't find the car keys."  And then someone walked up, and said, "Here they are right under your nose."  As you said that you couldn't find the keys, you gave instructions to your unconscious mind to ignore the keys.  So even if the keys were right under your nose, you wouldn't find them.

All our decisions filter our awareness.  All our limiting decisions can keep us from experiencing the full range of choices that we really have.   Some people always find a parking space (by the way, I am now one of them)  I always find a parking space.  I decided that a long time ago.  I decided that wherever I go, I find a parking space.  Now I know people who never find a parking space.  I know people who say, "I never ever find a parking space."  You know what...if they drove into a half empty parking garage in the middle of the night, they wouldn't see the parking space.   

We make decisions in our past and they run our lives in the present and our future. 

So what kind of decisions did you decide in the past that limit you that you want to get rid of right now? 

Do you understand that if you've made a decision that its not OK for you to have a relationship that works, and someone who is absolutely perfect for you walks into your life, you'll never even notice them, because you'll be waiting for the relationship you're in to fail.  If you had decided that it wasn't OK for you to make a lot of money, and the most incredible opportunity for financial gain came your way, you'd miss it!  Because you'd be looking for what won't work, and you'd be looking in all the wrong places.

Perhaps you decided in the past that it wasn't OK FOR YOU TO HAVE A LOT OF MONEY. 

We make decisions, and many of them are really absurd.  Silly things like its not OK to make enough money! It is important for you to know that this is a totally abundant universe.  You live in a society that has more money than any society in the history of the planet.  It is impossible for you to not make enough money.  What's keeping you from making money are simply the decisions that you've made about yourself in the past, such as, "I'm not good enough," or "money is no good," and the like. 

One way you can tell if you have made a limiting decision is if you often hear yourself use the use the word, "can't," with regard to the things you want to be or do.  Do you ever say,  “I'd like to do better but I just can't," if you do that it may be there's a limiting decision which we need to clear.  Maybe you decided "I can't have good a relationship," or "I can't have long term relationships."  How many times do you say I can't have that or I can't do that. 

So, as you think about it, ask your unconscious mind, have you ever made a decision about yourself which causes you to think that you're anything less than totally magnificent?  Now, I know that you are a totally magnificent being, and I truly believe everyone is, or can be magnificent.  But some of us have decided somewhere along the way that we're not that good.  "Oh I'm not that good, I just sort of get by."  Or maybe you decided that you were anything less than totally magnificent. 

The limiting decisions we've made in the past keep us from making decisions in the present that make it possible for us to create our future the way we want it, and those are the ones we want to get out of our past -- we want to clear all of them out.


Did you ever decide to be clumsy, to be a slow learner; to be helpless; lazy; stubborn; you would always have bad luck; that other people wouldn't like you; that you were not good enough?

So what we want to do right now, is to clear up those things those things that keep us limited. 

Think about this for a moment.  What kind of decisions have you made in the past that limit you? 

What kind of decisions do you need to clear here that will allow you to begin to express your magnificence. 

Think of all the limiting decisions you've made in your life.  How many were recently?  Even last week.  What it is that holds you back?  What kind of decision do you want to let go of?

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