What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present and giving attention in a specific way. What is this way? Non judgmentally.


When clients come to see me and know they are going to learn meditation, one of the biggest fears they have is how to find an hour a day to incorporate meditation into their already busy day. The success of meditation is not defined by the length of meditation but rather by the techniques of meditation. When I teach meditation to newcomers, I teach meditation in one minute, three minute, five minute and ten minute increments. Although there is value in lengthy meditations, especially when you have the luxury of time, but one minute..  That is the starting point!

Mindfulness is a life-changing concept, one that does not take years to master, but rather a few intentional moments each and every day and is suitable for those who want to relieve depression or anxiety and improve relationships without wishing to practice formal meditation.

Mindfulness techniques can be incorporated into weight loss, Relaxation therapy, Reiki, and so on.  This wonderful therapy can produce quite profound ‘life changing’ results.

Dates to follow soon for Mindfulness training!