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My daily ritual to combat boredom!

Below is a summary of my daily routine to help me through these challenging times:


Drinking plenty hot water with lemon and ginger each day 

Meditate each day 

Self hypnosis to get rid of the mental accumulated rubbish 

Eating more nuts and seeds daily

Eating an avocado each day 

Enjoying MORE sleep 

Eating more vegetables 

Cut down my refined carbs!

Having lots more herbs and spices daily 

Practising my tools regular when I feel any stress arise to quickly dissipate and bring me back into a neutral space and access my parasympathetic nervous system :O)

My best at home / exercise tips:



Breathing meditations 

Walking round the garden and taking in the fresh air 

Best stress reliever:

Some of the above PLUS..

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Visual Squash

Bi lateral Stimulation techniques 

Self Hypnosis 



Maintenance and clearing of trapped and stored emotions accumulated 

Maintenance and clearing of limiting beliefs 

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