Reclaim your Sleep!

6 Week Transformational Workshop

Sleep is the most important element to your health and wellness. Good sleep supercharges your day and makes you stronger, smarter and happier.


Are you sleep deprived or struggling to sleep well?


You probably recognise some of these common symptoms:

  • Poor energy and feeling sluggish

  • Low concentration & focus - prone to making mistakes

  • Weight gain or trouble losing unwanted weight

  • Low, irritable mood

  • Generally looking and feeling tired


My online 6-week transformational program can help with the restlessness, difficulty falling asleep, insomnia for long periods of time, waking and not returning to sleep!


In this program I will share with you the most effective methods and techniques to help overcome most sleep issues.  These are the most effective solutions that I use for both my clients and myself.


Due to the present situation, location and finances are no longer a barrier.  This 6-week program is a fraction of the cost of ’one-to-one’, in-person sessions but you can be assured you will still receive excellent support.  This makes help more accessible and when you follow the information and techniques you will sleep better and therefore wake less through the night!  When you are thinking and worrying less about sleep you can finally start to get on with your life!


The course will run in a weekly, private Facebook group where I will be guiding and coaching you in a live class where you will learn to:

  • View insomnia as a learned problem that can be unlearned.

  • Change negative, stressful thoughts about sleep.

  • Manage stress more effectively.

  • Understand mindtraps

  • Elicit the relaxation response, an inborn biological response that voluntarily produces brain-wave patterns that induce sleep.

  • Use the power and biology of positive beliefs about sleep.

  • Develop a sense of control over sleep.


Each week I will also be providing:


  • A Protocol of mindfulness, hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

  • MP3 audios (visualisation and hypnosis).

  • Explanatory videos and information to support the program.

  • Motivational posts, useful tips and support each week.


As part of this course, you will be joining an online Facebook community where you can ask specific questions and join in the live chat sessions, hosted by me.  All of the posts and videos will remain within the group for the duration of the course and for some time after, therefore, different time zones and other commitments will pose no problem.


Please note I am not a sleep scientist and my background is not in sleep research – however this is NOT necessary, what is important is the ability to know how to address and deal with the sleep issues.  My role as a certified stress management consultant and clinical hypnotherapist is to teach you the skills and techniques you need.


Sleep is a psychosomatic process that needs a one hundred percent commitment from you.  There will be a lot to learn, but if you adhere to this program, you will receive tremendous benefits.


The Six Weeks Sleep Programme is running from Monday 15th June for just €25


If you are ready to join us then please click on the link below to book. 

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6 Week Transformational Sleep Workshop

2020 Autumn dates to follow.


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Once payment is received no refunds will be given.

Members MUST access the Group by clicking the link sent in the confirmation email and this must be via THEIR personal Facebook account (no joint accounts are permitted).

Members agree to conduct themselves with appropriate respect for others within the group and to maintain confidentiality.

Any member whose conduct is deemed inappropriate will be terminated.

Members agree to consult their GP if suffering from any mental or physical illness.

Members agree to consult their GP if in any doubt about their sleep issues.