The Unconscious Mind and Negative Emotions

We know that our mind and body are intricately connected.  Your Unconscious Mind is the part of you that commands your heart to beat, circulates your blood and to breathe, etc.   It circulates your lymph system, causes your immune system to work.  It does all of that and so much more. 


Everything is made up of energy.  We are all pure energy and like everything else, emotions are pure energy.  When we have a trapped energy, it becomes an imbalance that may lead to a much bigger problem.


We create our emotions based on:

  • What we are experiencing in the now.

  • Old trapped emotional energy stuck in the body from the past.


It is not just what is in your head or what you remembered what happened, your body holds onto these memories and they can affect you in the now and going forward.


Emotions are made of energy, created by our bodies emotional energy can get trapped, contributing to physical, mental and emotional issues. When we can release these emotions, it can empower us to feel so much better.

As a society we have not quite figured out enough important things we need to know about prevention and reversal of symptoms and uncomfortable things we have to deal with, we often wait until we are desperate, yet we have so many resources and ways to reveal just what is going on within us.  We deserve better than treatments that just ‘cover up’ the symptoms and put up or live with!


Emotions should be created and experienced (good or bad) and should be processed and let go so that we can move on so we don’t have to keep feeling that way, ideally our body should be able to let go in order to move forward.


However when we get a trapped emotion, it gets stuck in our body, causing us to have more of that feeling – it has not processed!


A buildup of these trapped emotions can lead to problems and imbalances in the energy field that turn into feelings of discomfort that can develop later (maybe decades) to be a major problem such as physical and emotional problem. 


Together we can work through a process to;

  • Discover the trapped emotions causing you discomfort.

  • Expose the trapped emotions as your sub conscious mind knows all about your body and can quickly identify each one.

  • Release the trapped emotion so it can finally be processed and let go.  Once it is released it does not return and you can finally be free of that moment from the past.

  • Empowerment – When negative energy is released, your body has the right conditions to recover and heal, to be your authentic self again and feel the way you are supposed to feel.


As energy has no boundaries we can connect remotely and so distance is not an issue.