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Weight RESET Program

Women 40+
Reshape Your Mindset, Transform Your Relationship With Yourself And With Food.
Are you experiencing any of the following:

Emotional eating 

Reducing too slow

Not feeling like anything is working

Struggling with meal plans

Feeling restricted cutting out foods you love

Struggling to stay motivated

Always feeling hungry 

Out of balance hormones

 Lacking emotional support

 Struggling with maintaining weight long term

 Financial restraints & restrictions

 Fed up of old diet rules

 Experiencing out of control urges

 Struggling to fit in your favourite clothes

 Experiencing stress

 Experiencing sleep issues

The Missing Link Is A Mindset Transformation
Your Internal Thinking Is Your Biggest Obstacle To Weight Reduction  

Without identifying, understanding and understanding our thoughts, behaviours and triggers that initiated weight gain,  the road to long term weight management will be difficult and frustrating.

I guarantee you that for any sustainable weight transformation, a change of mindset is paramount for success.

Transformation is about you being able to eat what you want in moderation. Never feeling deprived or never feeling left out because you are on another diet.

Here at Camp Reset we don't do diets. Whilst they do work in the short term, our work is about transforming your eating habits, behaviours and mindset PERMANENTLY .

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How The RESET Coaching Hybrid Program Will Help:


of eating and looking at your


with food.


food choices 

without restricting foods

you love!


support on

your journey.


and finally



and cravings.


less and 

sleep better!






It Takes Time To Unwind & Unpack The Decades of Our Diet History.
To shift the core beliefs about our health, body and our weight.

Whilst this is a monthly coaching program that is not tied into any contract, consider you carry a whole lifetime of thoughts, beliefs, patterns and behaviours you have accumulated, mostly from childhood.  For lasting transformation, inside my Hybrid Coaching Program you will receive all of the tools and skills for lasting and permanent change as well as community and peer support.  Whilst you will generate huge results in a much shorter time, we know life still goes on and things come up for us all, committing to you and your journey for twelve months takes off the pressure to hurry things along and do in your own time and convenience. 
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You may have 'tried' many many diets over the years,  yet still be in a similar place mentally, emotionally and physically.  

In order to be the change we want to be ~ we have to do something different.

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  Consider the cost of NOT achieving the transformation you so    deserve.
  The cost of:
  • Not reducing weight and achieving your desired shape and size long term.
  • Feeling unhealthy, sluggish, bloated or lacking energy.
  • Not fitting into your favourite clothes.
  • Not feeling good in your body.
  • Always feeling deprived or hungry.
  • Feeling bad or ashamed for wanting your favourite foods.

Inside My Unique RESET Program:

One-to-one enrolment call to get aligned with your goals and expectations of the program.

Access to the Evergreen Weight RESET Program and Training Videos.

Awareness and understanding of the key areas of weight management and why we have the struggles with weight (which NO “diet” ever explains!)

Worksheets to document inner self talk, thoughts on body image, bad foods, emotional eating and triggers.

Your own toolbox of brain changing tools to neutralise your findings and regulate and calm your nervous system.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls with Donna

Monthly focus on different topics within Women & Wellness  - covering the basics, urges and cravings, hormones, mindful drinking, self sabotage, self love workshop, handling holidays, journalling, thoughts, future you, menopause, goals and success plan, managing stress, confidence, improve sleep.

Private Community and Peer Support.

membership is €37 per month

enrol now

My motivation to do what I do:

I do this for this beautiful one! A young girl who grew up with zero confidence or belief about who she was.  A young girl who was ridiculed, mocked and shamed all the way through her school years because of where she grew up, the clothes she wore and labelled unclean due to the 'shit stain' birthmark on her leg that was a constant focus and source of entertainment for others.

Not surprisingly this would set the scene for a lifetime of not feeling good enough because of her appearance and where she was from.

The consequences of these childhood events and conditioning leaked into every area of her life as a cycle of failure, shame, insecurity, fear and rejection that eventually manifested into sever and impacting gut /digestive problems well into her adult life as a result of all of the stress, anticipation and fear of what to expect each day.

I do this for her. I do this for you...

Whatever this little one had gone through in life, and by far nothing in comparison to what many others have, what she experienced and made it mean about herself,  she made it mean things from a limited sense of herself well into her mid forties.   She now understands as real as it felt - none of it is real - it is all made up.


Do not underestimate the beliefs you carry that are responsible for whatever in your life is not working right now.

Metaphorically she has completed her own heroes journey, completed the cycle and while intellectually understands it - now lives it every single day.  Her passion and drive is to see the greatness in every single women and serve them in tapping into their greatness.  To help as many women transform their lives, to understand and eliminate the emotional & psychological thought processes that has fed their mind in sabotaging their self esteem, self worth and of course their weight.  No women is broken, nor needs fixing.  This one finally reclaimed her' second chance in life' and so should you...


This is what motivates me.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!"

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