Your Wellness Wheel

Your current level of Happiness 

Take a moment to identify and score your current level of happiness in each of the sections on this wheel.


The scale is 1-5. 1 is your lowest level of happiness and 5 is your highest level of happiness.

This is your wheel and it can show you quickly what is working and what still needs improvement.


Good luck and look forward to seeing you on your wellness journey!

Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 1.41.23 pm.png


1. I am very unhappy with this part of my life.

2. I am unhappy with this part of my life, but I haven’t hit rock-bottom.

3. This part of my life is pretty good but could still use some improvement.

4. I am content with this part of my life, but I can see a few tweaks that would make it even better.

5. I am completely happy and fulfilled in this part of my life – there is no room for improvement.