Your 1:1 Reset Program is a Tailored Made Roadmap that has 3 Major Parts:





Where you going to Learn the Mindset and Energy Part?  

Are you and your business experiencing any of the following problems that are impacting the level of potential income and your dream life:

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the Issue


       Feeling Stuck


How You Can Learn to Come Unstuck Easily 


Identify the limiting beliefs and programs holding you back and remove permanently  to create a different outcome and a different life!


       Feeling Exhausted and Burned Out


How You Can Learn To Master Your Mentality


Enhance focus, feel more energised and boost your energy, create more restful and positive time out of work!




How You Can Be The Authority of Your Sub Conscious Mind


Learn to trade procrastination for momentum and cultivate a strong sense of self esteem, confidence and clarity .


       Scarcity Mindset


How You Can Clear The Outdated Old Programming To Accelerate Limitless Wealth


The powerful healing process will completely transform your energy and vibration towards money  - right down to your DNA Level!!! 


       Avoiding Doing The Inner Healing And Emotional Work


How To Hack Into Your Holistic Health And Clear Old Trauma!


Identify what is sabotaging your success and make YOUR wellbeing a priority!


       Stressed Out


Learn How To Manage Your Stress Levels


How to regulate the stress producing hormone's affecting your nervous system and handle any situation with clam, clarity and ease!


       Not Enough Clients For Me


Understand How Your Business Is A Reflection Of Your Energy

Tap into your infinite power to become limitless - NOT limited and identify what needs to change to attract your ideal client!


       Anxiety Or Feelings of Incompetence


How To Trade Feelings of Lack Of Skills & Experience To Feelings of Empowerment And Success

Learn to eliminate old outdated beliefs and programs blocking and stopping you move forward, Have unshakeable confidence to get out there and share with the world what you have to offer!


       Not Sure Of My Passion, My True Genius Or What I Should Be Doing


Identify What It Is You Want To Do

Create a roadmap to identify and remove all obstacles and barriers of what scares you to enable you to take action and create your dream life!


      I'm Just Not Achieving My Dream Goal


Learn How to Create The Roadmap/ Treasure Map To Your Specific Goals

Eliminate all of the tasks on your to-do-list not in alignment with those goals and clear the obstacles and barriers in the way, break down into smaller do-able action steps to get you there!


Before you even get to the Marketing Part  - You have to have  the Mindset and Energy Part on Point  - This is where your 1:1 Coaching comes in …

Are you a entrepreneur in coaching, counselling, therapy and healing struggling with your business and would love to overcome all limitations and outdated beliefs, blocks and programs, master your mindset and 10X your business to whole new levels?

If You have answered Yes and if any of the above issues resonate with you then you are in the right place!

What Your 1:1 Personalised Reset Program Looks Like:


The first part is understanding how to become an authority of your subconscious mind.   We will identify the limiting beliefs, outdated programs  and old stories that have been holding you back, providing you with the most proven powerful proven practices, tools and techniques that will help you create a success mindset that supports you in achieving your goals with ease.

We then focus on stepping into your true power by concentrating  on your wellbeing  by healing old trauma and overcoming any remaining self sabotage to tap into the most incredible version of yourself as self healing is the number one requirement for you to truly thrive in your professional and personal life.


The second  part is understanding your own personal energy, and appreciate how your energy affects every aspect of your business and your business results, learn how to apply your energy to the topic of money to quantum leap your business growth.


Lastly as you learn to manage your time and attention more effectively, create your personalised strategy for success to overcome procrastination, lack of energy and imbalances both in your personal and business.   Connect with your clients energetically and go from chasing clients to attracting clients; Go from hustling to flow.



This is highly unlike ANY Self work you have done before in not only do we identify ALL your blocks and old outdated programs - we CLEAR them once and for all!


Here is what you get inside Your Reset Program:

A Tailored Customised Program
Your 1:1 Reset Program is a tailor made roadmap that has 3 major parts: 40% Mindset, 40% Energy and 20% Strategy

Weekly Zoom Sessions

We will connect once a week for 60 - 90 minute sessions that are fully tailored to YOU .

Valuable Resources

I will provide you with all of the resources required to assist your transformation in eliminating limiting beliefs and structure your life in a way that feels effortless and aligned. 

Customised Tools

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Trainer & Mindset Coach I will provide you with all the tools needed to assist your journey.

Meditation & Activating Abundance Audios

A number of audios and meditations to activate at a sub conscious level  - abundance with ease.

Support & Accountability

Guidance and Support all the way to ensure you move past any fears and assume more responsibility for your personal growth.

My Proven System

1:1 Reset Program
IS perfect for you if…

You are a Entrepreneur Coach, Counsellor, Therapist and Healer with a HIGH desire to succeed in your business as you know there is space for you!

You are ready to do something different as you know nothing will ever change if you keep doing the same thing!

You know you are deserving and worthy of a highly full-filled and balanced life that is emotionally balanced and resilient you can handle anything that comes your way!

You are ready to invest in your personal growth, do the work and take uncomfortable action to reach your goals.

1:1 Reset Program is NOT for you if…

You are not willing or ready to take real action or are not looking to commit to your personal growth and healing.

You are not ready to get uncomfortable and start doing the inner work.

You are looking for someone to help you with the solutions to your pain but are not willing to give any effort on your part.

You are pessimistic or cynical.

You would rather make excuses than do the real change work!

You would rather keep playing small rather than make your mark on this world!


Why a 6 Month Program?

You may be wondering 'why 6 months' and that is a good question!  Depending on how old we are and our life experiences and programs (good and bad) will determine how many sabotaging blocks and programs we have.  By focusing on the area most important, we can quickly start to identify where the sabotaging patterns are and clear them, creating a shift (right down to your DNA) with each program we clear - gradually moving the needle and aligning you to where you want to be! - This proven method GIVES YOU results!
I can assure you that this is unlike 
ANY Self work you have done before in not only do we identify ALL your blocks and old outdated programs - We permanently CLEAR them once and for all!


So Why Work With Me?

Okay, so why work with me? What makes me different from all of the other Coaches out there?  Why invest your money and time with me?  I have been a Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer for over 11 years, gradually transitioning to a Mindset Coach.  Throughout my journey I have continued to evolve, grow and develop my skillset to find the quickest results for my clients and teach them manageable skills and tools for when they need it most! I am SUPER fortunate in having the BEST ongoing coaching to keep me up to date on the most effective ways of change and this is fed down through me to my amazing clients! I am there EVERY step of the way for you.  I share with you ONLY what creates permanent and lasting change!  YOU know what YOU want and NEED and in listening to these needs - we WILL get you there and deliver you RESULTS!!

If you are you ready for your complimentary discovery call for the opportunity to get to know YOUR dreams and goals and see if we are a good fit to work together then click below to DO THIS!!!!




I got connected to Donna Jenkinson, Certified SRT Energy Clearing Coach and had an opportunity to experience her energetic clearing session.

Three things that make her extraordinary:

Subtle power

She is a very powerful, yet gentle healer and her technique, her tools and her approach are very refined and comforting. I am a very strong person myself and find it challenging to be 'coached' but  she was able to very calmly, gently yet firmly conduct the whole session, and close the session without making me feel any pressure.

Skilful and calm leader/facilitator

I find her very skilful and she used a number of tools and styles in my session to make sure I get the best impact. She was fully present and extended our session to offer help on my long list of issues.

Empowering clients

One extra special thing about Donna is that she empowers clients with so much generosity and kindness. She  offered me several tools that I can use to continue my journey such as online videos, audios and self reading material.

Donna is a genuine and kind healer coach as she offered me lots of tips and not once I felt any rush or pressure. It was a true pleasure and a very positive and impactful experience to be with her. As a healer myself, I feel inspired and happy to know of someone like Donna with such impeccable high standards in coaching and commitment to help community.


Anu Bhatnagar 


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