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Are You Ready To Hit The Reset Button And Move Towards Your Goals And Desires?

You Have A Goal And Want To Get There Faster! 
Working with me for the next 3 months:




On exactly what is keeping you stuck, immobilised, frozen, blocked, overwhelmed and in fear when it comes to pursuing your goals.

Your old outdated limiting beliefs, sabotaging blocks and programs that up to now have been holding you back.

Of new empowering beliefs rapidly to make profound change to your self-belief, thinking patterns and emotional reactions to get you moving in the right direction with clarity, confidence and purpose.

3 Steps Towards your Transformation
What is
Your 1:1 Mind Reset Program?

This Program is for you if you are a business woman who is really motivated to reach your goals but unsure of how to get there on your own!  When you have tried all the ways to move forward yet often feel stuck, sad, disappointed, angry and frustrated at how much precious time has been wasted already.

There Is Already An Increasing Cost To You NOT Reaching Your Goals That Gets Worse Everyday Emotionally And Financially!
Your 1:1 Mind Reset Program
Was Created For These Reasons:

You have this burning desire inside of you to move the needle in your business and live the life you fully deserve, to be the example of just what is possible for women by facing what isn't working and learning new strategies and approaches.

You are ready to break free from the chains of the past and move past the old outdated beliefs and self sabotaging history keeping you stuck and inaction.


You have failed attempts in the past causing self doubt and lack of confidence and cannot move forward without experiencing feeling overwhelmed, frozen or stuck.

Your goals feel triggering and outside of your comfort zone.

Showing up as a different version of you feels uncomfortable as family and friends are used to the version of you now.

You get so far then you stop,  you wonder what you are doing wrong and why its not working and have thoughts of just giving up and wanting to quit and life would be easier to just go back to your corporate life!

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You Are Not Alone, The Journey To Your Success Doesnt Have To Be Hard Or Painful...

It's OK!

Most of us have been there at some point... and yes including myself, that is why I created the 1:1 Reset  Program: Your tailored 3 month road map that provides you the solution to reclaim your inner power and transform your life!

Don't just take my word for it...
Here are some of my Client's Words!
Client Testomonial BG.png

I saw Donna in May 22 after suffering from depression and anxiety. I had tried numerous councillor’s without results and almost thought this isn’t the route for me. I thought I’d give it once last try and booked a few sessions with Donna while at I was on a wellbeing retreat in Spain. From the first session there was an automatic click. She genuinely understood where I was at and pin pointed where I need to focus my energy. We went through different methods including hypnotise which I had tried in the past without results. I must admit I fought it and didn’t think the exercise would work but to my surprise it worked and felt great benefits of being under hypnosis and when I came round I had a warm feeling. Almost spiritual which is something didn’t think was possible. Following the success of the first session I blocked booked session every day throughout my 5 day retreat. I returned to the uk feeling revitalised and with a confident I never knew I had. I couldn’t recommend Donna more highly. Especially for those who lack self belief / motivation and suffer from anxiety.


Name withheld for confidentiality

Your 1:1 Mind Reset Program - What to expect:

Your First Step To Your Ultimate "Short-Cut” To Creating Your Inner Shift!

In the first instance we will arrange a transformational enrolment call via zoom to go through and identify what specific pain points are holding you back.  Very quickly we are able to identify the 'subconscious' blocks that are weakening and putting your nervous system under stress and keeping you in the fight, flight or freeze state.  On this call you will experience some exposure to the process as well as an immediate internal shift.  Should you then decide to go ahead the steps are outlined below:

Your Proven 5 Step Framework Of Transformation

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Emotional detox/reset. An opportunity to allow your unconscious mind to let go of accumulated stress and mental baggage that has been building up over the years, known or unknown!

Awareness and understanding of the different layers that keep you in fear, frozen, overwhelmed, stuck and procrastinating.

Identify the limiting beliefs, sabotaging blocks and programs holding you back that are firing off the stress chemicals and weakening your nervous system and neutralise permanently!

Integrate new empowering beliefs to your unconscious mind and rapidly change the way you think, feel and behave.

Implement a plan of do-able action steps to move you towards your goals - continuing the process of clearing whatever is triggering you along the way!

Its Not About NOT Having Emotions. As Humans We Are Supposed To Experience Emotions However You Want To Be In Control Of Your Life!

Why am I feeling so frustrated?

What am I thinking?

Every limitation, block and barrier you experience is produced by a limiting belief inside of you!

Why am I not taking the necessary action right now?

Why am I not reaching my goals!!!!!

Upon enrolment in your 1:1 Mind Reset Program,

here's just some of what you can expect:

What you can look forward to when you are part of your 1:1 Mind Reset Program:

Weekly Zoom Calls

Your 3 month program has the option of either:

~ Weekly 60 minute calls.

~ Intense deep dive into the work of 30 minute calls each day      Monday to Friday.





Identify And Remove Subconcious Triggers, Blocks & Programs.

Every session we identify the current and old/outdated thoughts and beliefs that are firing off the stress hormones and chemicals - weakening your nervous system and neutralise them PERMANENTLY.

I absolutely loved working with Julia. She helped me plan my destination wedding in Italy

Customised Tools To Support You When You Need Them!

To support you outside of our sessions, if required I will share with you - your very own 'tool box' that consists of a variation of anti stress and anxiety techniques with right /left brain imprinting for positive results in as little as 90 seconds!


Identify The Layers Of Being Stuck And Resistant.

Together we can map out just what causes stuckness and resistance, we will peel away the layers in order to move from procrastination, perfectionism, and self-doubt into motivated, confident action.

I absolutely loved working with Julia. She helped me plan my destination wedding in Italy

Unique Back Pocket Coaching & Support Between Sessions.

Unique Coaching Service where you send me your triggering programs between each session.  Within a 24 hour turn around I  connect to and remove the stress /anxiety to avoid you wasting / depleting energy between sessions! Testable results so you can see & feel a difference!

I have the solution!
Are you ready?
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