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This is a unique service for email coaching with your own additional back pocket coach!!  An affordable alternative to in person or online coaching!
for you if...

1:1 Coaching is not for you due to busy lifestyle/ schedule! and you don't want to commit to set dates and times.

You want more  affordable coaching than in person or online yet desire the same benefits and results!

You want the  flexibility of multiple contact each week (on demand) when required with your coach!

You maybe like to journal or write out your thoughts to really brainstorm when focusing on important challenges,  life career or questions!


Whatever your reason..

You can still enjoy the motivation and the accountability of working with a coach  - with the convenience of connecting via email!

Where do I start?

Whatever is troubling you in any area of life, we can work together and explore with this personalised and unique option tailored just for you


Working together via email, your writing and words reveal to me your subconscious blocks that are sabotaging or stopping your success.  These can show up in limiting beliefs, old outdated programs, critical thinking or negative self talk..


This is a 100%  confidential space I hold for you where you can express yourself freely without any judgement where you can email at your own convenience  - there is no need to worry about scheduling appointments, I offer flexibility of multiple contact over the week as opposed to a single online session!


When you write down daily, with practise it gets easier to engage in written thoughts and feelings and by sharing whatever is on your mind, I am able to energetically connect to you to clear the stress attached to the thoughts and beliefs with the intention that you are in your relaxed and calm nervous system more and more.


If there is any area of life where there is fear or inaction, by writing the thoughts down, together we can tune into whats triggering and activating the fight or flight part of your nervous system and remotely clear.  Anything deep that needs exploring then we can hop on a video or call each week to identify and clear.

Overview of Program

  • Deep dive exploration into exactly what it is you want to focus on,  your desired goals and outcome.

  • 1 live 30 minute video or call each week to identify and clear deep rooted blocks and  programs.

  • Unlimited email coaching between sessions with 24 hour response window

  • Unique back pocket coach service in which you email/Whatsap any concerns or issues and I remotely clear for you within a 24 hour window.

  • 4 week email coaching with Whatsap clearing support of ALL programs I identify!

  • Cost is €97 per month (cancel anytime)

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