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My own transformational and wellness journey began In 2012 when I was drawn to and studied hypnotherapy.  It was due to my own personal circumstances of struggling with stress, anxiety, confidence and self esteem issues as well as crippling IBS that I decided to seek out 'alternative' ways other than taking pills and laxatives. 

It was during my training that I very quickly realised just how powerful the mind is and what profound changes can be made and so the transition began of rediscovering my own inner strengths  and resources which resulted quite early on in being FREE of the debilitating IBS and the limitations that came with it.  From then on the anxieties just disappeared and my confidence rocketed so much so that my trainer saw a potential in me to become a tutor to train and teach others in giving them this this life changing opportunity!  The side effects of upgrading my mind also rid me of my fear of heights, blood, a life long phobia of spiders and painful arthritis in my right arm due to to my main desk/computer based work.  As the pain intensified over time, it was clear it was a case of RSI in my right hand, and my doctors wonderful advise was just to change and use my other hand! 

It was only once my mindset started to change I realised just how much baggage and rubbish I had and it had to go as holding onto it was only preventing me from being my very best.


As soon as I qualified with my diploma, I went straight into the next level training, being  mentored and coached in the transition to my new life changing career as a tutor.. Eventually I was able to leave my 9 to 5 job to a dream life of just working 3 weekends a month tutoring, freeing up the rest of the month to see clients and do whatever I wished! 

I tutored all over Yorkshire and saw 'one to one' clients until 2016 when my path led me to a new chapter and a new life which was to begin in Spain.  I got to a point in my life where I had simply outgrown and evolved in so many ways that sadly this included my marriage.  I could not change the person I was with and so it was down to me to be the change and practice what I preach and so I made the difficult (but what turned out to be one of the bravest) decisions ever and packed up my mini and drove to Spain from my home town of Huddersfield! No one could believe I had the confidence and ability to even think that  - let alone get in the car and do it but I did and it was the bravest most amazing exhilarating feeling knowing that if I can do this..... I CAN do anything!!! 

I practise my gratitude every single day and follow the universal laws and my journey continues to evolve in so many ways.  I have since changed training schools to now teach for a UK based Hypnotherapy Training Provider called 'EVOLVE" which is so very symbolic in all of this...  I continue to see one to one clients, I run workshops and now detox retreats and just love to constantly learn and study and find new ways of growing my ever expanding toolbox to help share with my clients the ways they can be free of their limiting beliefs and past issues.  

My life has transformed in so many ways and now I recognise and know my own value and worth! I have broke the old patterns, beliefs and behaviours and even attracted my soul mate!! With my previous beliefs and programs, I recognised I always attracted the same type of men, however once all this was cleared and updated I have now attracted the man I really want and deserve!


As a result of this total life change  - my passion, drive and purpose in life is to guide you to finding your ultimate confidence, to feel worthy and good enough, to show you how you can manage your stress better and have a clear mind and be free of old programs, past issues and limiting beliefs...


Working with the mind is an amazing natural process in change for the better and it makes me so excited knowing I can share with YOU!  Of course all of my experiences made me the person I am but the REAL magic is in the much deeper understanding of just how powerful the change can be. 


So come on a journey with me and allow me to show and assist you in making empowering, positive change and to be the very best version of YOU because I know you can do it!  Inside there is a very special and unique version of you so lets get to work on finding them!!!  

Together lets identify, get rid of and be FREE of it no matter what the issue is! 


There is nothing more empowering ....

   love Donna xxx

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