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donna jenkinson

certified stress management &
transformation mindset coach

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Retreats and Workshops

Learn to feel less stressed and more supported








The aim of our workshops focuses on teaching you to use your powerful mind to influence your physical responses by identifying and adapting your beliefs, thoughts and feelings and behaviours about yourself using powerful brain based strategies. 

Learn how to reconnect your mind and body as well as physical movement that switch your body into a resting state as well create a new mindset.


how this retreat can help you!

Learn how your subconscious mind controls the autonomic nervous system and is responsible for our automatic physical and neurological functions.


Self muscle testing is an easy effective way of communicating with your subconscious mind to discover self sabotaging beliefs and programs.


When the mind is holding a stressful thought, an electrical conflict is created in the brain and the signal strength to the body is reduced, resulting in a weakened muscle response.


How does this relate to menopause?


When we make certain statements or thoughts to ourselves, the same thing happens.  Any conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind results in a weakened response in the muscles of the body therefore creating stress.


Whilst there are real physical effects caused by hormonal changes  - we are not imagining it, but there is our thinking about it and this is what we experience.

For myself personally, aside being woken with night sweats and constant brain fog.  What affected me the most was thinking about my ageing parents and children/ grandchildren and been distanced.  Over recent months it suddenly created an overwhelm of mixed emotions  such as fear, sadness, guilt  and worry to name a few.

Thoughts such as:

   I feel so helpless

   How can I help them?

   What should I do?

   Should I go home?

   I feel so guilty

   I should be doing more!


My mind would be flooded with all these thoughts causing it to speed up resulting in all kinds of anxiety, tension and stress.  When awaking in the middle of the night with sweats and soaking, the thoughts would cycle again and amplify the symptoms and stress even more resulting in frequent heart palpitation's.


Those who were my anchors are now in their debilitating ageing process which triggered me to worry about my own ageing, add in the mix a cocktail of worries and thoughts of my adult daughters and grandson.  For one, the challenges that came with being a single mum juggling university and running a home, numerous tragic stories of teenage knife crime in the area causing an overload of more worrying thoughts for my grandson.  It is like one of those ticker tapes running round in my mind all day every day of all of the frightening thoughts and worries.  If you were to watch the local news and only focus on the 'breaking news' or the 'share price' tab scrolling on the bottom all day, it would drive you crazy! These are exactly what our thoughts can be like.  Luckily knowing how to manage these thoughts has helped me remain neutral and be able to handle what life throws our way!

Whatever struggle, symptom or challenge you may be facing, know that you are amazingly resourceful and already have everything within you to make a change.  Maybe you have unhealthy habits you want to break.  See this as an opportunity to take off the judges robe, throw on the scientists coat and microscope in on whats affecting you and driving any stress - known or unknown.  Many clients will often say they are not stressed - yet learn their body says otherwise.  As women we can be so used to running on autopilot and sucking up life experiences and just getting on with it, we don't recognise running on hyper drive.  The key to bringing everything back into balance is to convince your nervous system the world is safe.  Learn how to be more emotionally resilient and navigate your journey from a place of wellbeing, health and freedom rather than exhausted, anxious and stressful.



Join us and other likeminded women for a day of connection and learning.


This one day retreat is for women who are in the menopausal transition from peri-menopause to menopause to post menopause to come together and learn to feel less stressed and more supported.

In this workshop you will:

Transform your life with simple strategies to take home to help you feel in control of your life again

Learn how your mind can influence your physical responses

Identify your thoughts, feelings and behaviours about menopause and adapt to a newer mindset

Reconnect your mind and body combining powerful energy methods

Learn to switch your body into a resting state and away from the fight or flight

Learn how movement creates a healthier mindset, increases energy and produces endorphins known as 'feel good hormones' from the brain

Available Dates for one day in-person workshop:

may date to be rescheduled due to weather conditions.

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Guest Reviews:

I really enjoyed the whole day and found it a really positive and worthwhile experience. I came away feeling very happy and renewed.

I really enjoyed being in the group and meeting the lovely ladies and learning new skills and strategies to deal with stress and the menopause. I loved the relaxation position, the grounding method and the muscle testing. I found them really interesting and it's something I will take away with me to use in the future to help me.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the active movement sessions and found them really revitalising and fun in-between the learning sessions. They made me happy and always love your energy, enthusiasm and joy as it's infectious.

First I want to say thank you for a good day, I really enjoyed it  I thought you were both welcoming and friendly. Both experts in your particular field and you were confident and encouraging. I definitely learnt some really useful stuff that I’m planning to implement in my life from rewiring my brain to doing more exercise.


Donna, your resources are outstanding. Lynne I thought your sessions were pitched right especially with a diverse group like we had.


The journal/ booklet is fabulous and really useful.  Thank you

I did enjoy what Donna was implementing from a professional side of things on the mind and the body. I thought that was really good as I've never really done that sort of thing before. I thought the nice little touch of the box and the worksheet was really good.


Lynne I liked the tent and the meditation. I thought that was relevant for the actual weekend that you delivered.  It was good with what you did with regards to the chill and meditation and the Tai Chi side of it.

The two of you obviously work well together, your bubbly and confident, really good at what you teach. 

Everything was brilliant, the food was good, tasty, healthy, the little shots were good. The ginger, the smoothie!


Donna Jenkinson
Mindset Coach

I'm your co-host Donna.  My passion, drive and purpose in life is to facilitate guiding you into just how powerful and amazing you truly are and how you can overcome all of life’s challenges and achieve a life of freedom, peace and balance using your powerful and amazing mind.  


I combine powerful brain based strategies, mind and body tools as well as an understanding of how our mind is responsible for the creation of all of our experiences.  


I had the privilege of working at one of the best retreats in Spain providing workshops and 1:1 sessions with guests.  This gave me insight and an understanding of just exactly what needs are required.


Lynne Lowe
Movement Coach

I have worked in Fitness for the last 15 years.  I love the magic that happens when we come together and motivate each other to move. 


The last 5 years I worked with a forward thinking Dutch company who combined Therapy with Movement and encouraged clients to listen to their body.  


Watching people heal and grow in a safe supported environment was both fascinating and humbling to witness.  The experience gave me a greater awareness of the mind body connection, and an appreciation of the power we ALL have within ourselves to achieve whatever we want in life. 


for more details or to book your place, please call or message us on:

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