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donna jenkinson

certified stress management &
transformation mindset coach

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Is there an inner conflict preventing you from creating more of the life you want and reaching your full potential?


We expend a lot of our mental energy on ‘stuff’ that’s really not important to us, therefore we don’t give enough time and focus to the things that *are* really important!


Where there’s imbalance or incongruency in life, it’s often the inner conflicts that drain our precious time and resources  - it’s a sneaky part of us that will surface time and time again.


On our “Stressed-to-Wellness RESET day” we’ll look at the link between the subconscious mind and the body, how much time is spent worrying or being critical.  This awareness is super important as all this worry will steal your time, energy and presence, draining and depleting you. This is especially unhelpful when you want to do something positive with your life, such as:

~ Make more money

~ Land the next promotion

~ Grow your business

~ Meet the man/woman of your dreams


The Reset day is the start of your journey of self discovery and self awareness.  We start by taking the opportunity to complete your life evaluation process and really look at the important areas of your life.  We then start to identify and deconstruct the heavy backpack of inner conflicts that up until now, you may have been unaware of, the very things that are preventing you from really creating whatever it is you want to do in life.


With the provided journal/workbook, you can start to document and work out what is going in your mind and address the problems with your belief system.


You will learn how this inner conflict creates unhealthy mental habits, patterns and behaviours which are incongruent with what it is you want to create in life. 

You will also gain an awareness of the healthy, intuitive part of your mind and learn how to tap into its power to create change.


You will be shown a method that will bring you a feeling of instant health and wellbeing.  It will bring you back to a place of inner calmness that will help you neutralise your limiting beliefs, sabotaging blocks and programs.  We achieve this by releasing (at a subconscious level) the negative emotions trapped within those beliefs.


Part of the “post-care” once you’ve neutralised the stress around these limiting beliefs, is to integrate new, empowering beliefs at a subconscious level.  However, before we can do this, you must first remove any resistance against it being “safe to change”.


‘Change’ naturally goes against our primitive survival instincts and in a world changing as fast as ours, your subconscious mind may be saying “no - you’re not ready!”.  This is why so many self development programs fail; because the subconscious mind says “it is not safe to change”.

Saturday 1st July 10.00am to 4.30pm

Location is Santa Pola 10/15 minutes from Alicante Airport

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Guest Reviews:

I really enjoyed the whole day and found it a really positive and worthwhile experience. I came away feeling very happy and renewed.

I really enjoyed being in the group and meeting the lovely ladies and learning new skills and strategies to deal with stress and the menopause. I loved the relaxation position, the grounding method and the muscle testing. I found them really interesting and it's something I will take away with me to use in the future to help me.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the active movement sessions and found them really revitalising and fun in-between the learning sessions. They made me happy and always love your energy, enthusiasm and joy as it's infectious.

First I want to say thank you for a good day, I really enjoyed it  I thought you were both welcoming and friendly. Both experts in your particular field and you were confident and encouraging. I definitely learnt some really useful stuff that I’m planning to implement in my life from rewiring my brain to doing more exercise.


Donna, your resources are outstanding. Lynne I thought your sessions were pitched right especially with a diverse group like we had.


The journal/ booklet is fabulous and really useful.  Thank you

I did enjoy what Donna was implementing from a professional side of things on the mind and the body. I thought that was really good as I've never really done that sort of thing before. I thought the nice little touch of the box and the worksheet was really good.


Lynne I liked the tent and the meditation. I thought that was relevant for the actual weekend that you delivered.  It was good with what you did with regards to the chill and meditation and the Tai Chi side of it.

The two of you obviously work well together, your bubbly and confident, really good at what you teach. 

Everything was brilliant, the food was good, tasty, healthy, the little shots were good. The ginger, the smoothie!


Donna Jenkinson
Mindset Coach

I'm your co-host Donna.  My passion, drive and purpose in life is to facilitate guiding you into just how powerful and amazing you truly are and how you can overcome all of life’s challenges and achieve a life of freedom, peace and balance using your powerful and amazing mind.  


I combine powerful brain based strategies, mind and body tools as well as an understanding of how our mind is responsible for the creation of all of our experiences.  


I had the privilege of working at one of the best retreats in Spain providing workshops and 1:1 sessions with guests.  This gave me insight and an understanding of just exactly what needs are required.


Lynne Lowe
Movement Coach

I have worked in Fitness for the last 15 years.  I love the magic that happens when we come together and motivate each other to move. 


The last 5 years I worked with a forward thinking Dutch company who combined Therapy with Movement and encouraged clients to listen to their body.  


Watching people heal and grow in a safe supported environment was both fascinating and humbling to witness.  The experience gave me a greater awareness of the mind body connection, and an appreciation of the power we ALL have within ourselves to achieve whatever we want in life. 


for more details or to book your place, please call or message us on:

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