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Thank you for submitting your information!  This is now on its way to me and so you will receive acknowledgement that I have received it very shortly.

Once I have received your information, I will email you the link to my calendar to schedule your transformational onboarding call! This can be booked at a time that suits you and so please keep an eye out for the details dropping into your inbox soon!  I look forward to connecting with you! 


Some information prior to our call! 

During our initial conversation, I will be asking certain questions to determine what your highest priority is, what is coming up for you and what is getting in your way.  I will be listening for clues and taking notes in order to identify what needs to be cleared to create an immediate shift to your energy.   Should you decide to work together in the long term we can really deep dive into some big things, however this call is to give you some exposure to some of the techniques in creating the shifts!  You may be thinking "how do we do that on such a brief call?' By connecting your conscious and subconscious mind together to remove the negative emotions connected to your thoughts and beliefs keeping you stuck and in the fight, flight or freeze state and neutralise, then integrate a powerful new belief into your subconscious. 


The more programs you find and eliminate, the more empowering beliefs you integrate - the quicker you will become a different version of you! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Donna xx

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