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Welcome to my world where I share with you how YOU can experience inner calmness and wellbeing!

My Mission:


To convey the impression of increase by wanting the same for all professional business women in moving forward fearLESS with clarity and wellbeing!

Hi there! Im Donna, a mindset & transformation coach!

I want to share with you a secret. All of the daily thought work and mind hygiene has changed may life and I want it to change yours too!

Over recent years, I have transitioned from being a hypnotherapy tutor and therapist to putting on the scientist coat by really examining how the brain works in getting a better understanding of how and why we think, feel and act!

Questions my clients often ask are:

“Can I have the courage to do this?”

“Am I worthy enough”

“How can I manage my time more efficiently?”

“How can I balance out all these demands and pressure?”

“How can I find reliable support?”

“Can I really succeed at this?

“Can I get past these thoughts of failure or doubt?”

Up until quite recently, I was happy moving through life as a hypnotherapy tutor and a therapist however, the more I spoke with other coaches, therapists and healers - newly trained and established, the more I was learning of so many experiencing fears, doubts and questioning their worth as a female professional and often going back to regular jobs as they just don’t have to confidence and courage to pursue their dreams!

In my own practise, whilst initially I focused on stress management with my 1:1 clients, more and more clients coming to me who were already established therapists and healers with so many different fears and insecurities and so I had this question constantly nagging inside saying:

“Why create more therapists? - there are so many already out there that need waking up to their greatness and making the world a better place!!”

More and more I was being nudged away from my tutoring role and exploring the human mind until one day I woke up and decided I was no longer going to offer group training, but to focus on the beautiful souls already out there in the world because they are all needed now more than ever!

That was it.. suddenly I was a female professional focused on a different business with my own insecurities, doubts and fears and busy mind.

‘Ask and you shall receive’ has always been my direct line of communication with the universe and indeed I was shown so many ways to really drill down into what drives the mind.

Now when any fears or doubts creep in, any triggers that push my buttons i'm relieved to know its ok as with a little exploration - I can get to root of the cause and in that moment, remove the stress from my nervous system, bringing me back to a place of neutrality and calm. With frequent exploration of what caused any inaction, by taking the steps to remove, I am moving the needle to bring me into alignment with where I want to be. If I can do this, I know that you can do it too!

If you have found your way to reading this, my intention and my mission is to share with you my thin slice of awareness, information, tips and tools to help you overcome whatever is stopping you or holding you back. To learn how you can create a feeling of happiness and calm and move the needle forward with your business from a place of action - not fear!

If you would like to arrange a complimentary discovery call to identify what thoughts, programs or limiting beliefs could be holding you back then please contact me on:

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