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donna jenkinson

certified stress management &
transformation mindset coach


Retreats and Workshops

Weight Reset Retreat








Camp Reset focus for September is a fresh understanding to managing and maintaining weight in our One Day Weight Reset Program.

What you can expect on the day:

3 key parts to this day:
Part one:

  • Learn the basic key factors for weight management.

  • The three types of eating and what traditional diets fail with.

  • Break the ‘diet’ thinking by reversing and unwinding old food habits.

  • Awareness of the REAL reasons for being over weight.

  • Understand how no matter what diets you may have failed before - you are NOT broken.

Part two:

  • With your journal/workbook - we are going to take off the judges robe, put on a scientist coat and microscope in on those sabotaging thoughts that are running loose in your brain!

  • We have around 60 / 70,000 thoughts running round our head ever day. We cannot get to them all but we can focus on the thoughts that come up and neutralise the emotional stress around them.

Part three:

  • Integrate opposite and empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind.

  • Create zero resistance and one hundred percent resonance and alignment!

A unique combination of awareness, brain science and energy psychology with body and mind movement sessions sprinkled in through out the day to elevate those all important energy levels.


  • Cold pressed juice shot on arrival

  • Light lunch provided

  • Refreshing mock-tails

  • Refreshments provided all day

  • Workbook and journal to document your findings to take home for continued work.


Use of onsite facilities:~

  • Pool

  • Hot tub

  • Sauna

  • Secure onsite parking

For further updates, tips and tools we would love you to join our 'women and wellness facebook group':


Saturday 30th September


Cost for the full day


Any questions please contact Team Reset via


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Guest Reviews:

I can highly recommend Donna Jenkinson and Camp Reset. I was lucky enough to attend a vision board event with her over the summer and I can honestly say that it was truly inspirational. Donna’s scientific knowledge and how she communicated the workings of the brain was fascinating and easy to understand. I could feel something unlocking as she imparted her wisdom! Whatever blocks you may need to get over or goals you wish to achieve, Camp Reset is your place ! 

I can’t wait to visit again !


Penny Tuckfield


Donna Jenkinson
Mindset Coach

I'm your co-host Donna.  My passion, drive and purpose in life is to facilitate guiding you into just how powerful and amazing you truly are and how you can overcome all of life’s challenges and achieve a life of freedom, peace and balance using your powerful and amazing mind.  


I combine powerful brain based strategies, mind and body tools as well as an understanding of how our mind is responsible for the creation of all of our experiences.  


I had the privilege of working at one of the best retreats in Spain providing workshops and 1:1 sessions with guests.  This gave me insight and an understanding of just exactly what needs are required.


Lynne Lowe
Movement Coach

I have worked in Fitness for the last 15 years.  I love the magic that happens when we come together and motivate each other to move. 


The last 5 years I worked with a forward thinking Dutch company who combined Therapy with Movement and encouraged clients to listen to their body.  


Watching people heal and grow in a safe supported environment was both fascinating and humbling to witness.  The experience gave me a greater awareness of the mind body connection, and an appreciation of the power we ALL have within ourselves to achieve whatever we want in life. 


for more details or to book your place, please call or message us on:

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