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Simple framework to clear blocks to success!

When you awaken each day and start thinking about what you have to do to drive your business forward - what are the first thoughts that come to mind?

When I open up my calendar and look at the first item on there to do - I ALWAYS pay attention to my thinking, what are the triggers or programs that come up for me - stalling me from taking that all important action?

Triggers and thoughts for example maybe:

"I feel overwhelmed!"

"Ive got so much to do!"

"I cant get this done in 1 hour!"

"Where do I even start?"

For me I know that all these thoughts when I check in, are triggering off the stress hormones and chemicals, putting me into 'fight or flight' and weakening my nervous system! Its no wonder my brain attempts to move away to a different distraction to make me feel better however this is not productive for my business!

When you look at your calendar or your to do list - what are your first thoughts that delay or prevent you from taking action?

Tip #1 - Notice what thoughts, words or sentences you think that are not serving you and journal/write them down!

Do a brain dump of all of the words and sentences running through your mind! Really spend a moment writing and getting as much down as you can!

Tip #2 - Identify the triggers moving you away - for example "Im not in the mood today" "whats the point!" "I gotta get this perfect!"

Once you have your list, evaluate all of the shitty thoughts that are running round in your mind leaving you drained of energy by the end of the day! Notice any perfectionist thinking, negative self talk or past issues that still worry you..

Tip #3 - Now lets create a change at a very rapid pace!

Right now you may not have the tools to fully embrace this process however, with your list in front of you:

Take a nice deep long breath in and while HOLDING your breath - say to yourself silently in your mind:

"I release all positive and negative emotional blocks with.........." (first sentence /thought/words you wrote down)! then breathe out... IMPORTANT - repeat this process 3 x

Work through the whole of your list until you have gone through them all! This may take some time depending on how many you have wrote down but it will be worth it by removing

some of the stress associated to these words that are putting you into your fight or flight causing delay or inaction!

Tip #4 - Now fill up with some positive and empowering words! for example: "Every day in every way I am getting better & better!" "I got this!" "Each day I focus on what is important first!"

To finish the process - think of the OPPOSITE and empowering beliefs you wrote down and what resonate with you!

Take a deep breath in and hold your breath whilst repeating silently in your mind to yourself:

“I am so thankful and grateful ……" (insert positive belief statement) breathe out…

Repeat your favourite several times or repeat several different resonating ones!!!!!

Tip #5 - Now go take those action steps!

This process will have created rapid state change and shifted a lot of the stress from your nervous system! Don't under estimate the power in its simplicity!

Ready to meet the best version of you?

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