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Courses are primarily for training. Students are strongly recommended to seek out any further coaching/or therapy requirements they may identify, outside of the course. Evolve School of Clinical Hypnosis offers a discounted rate for personal therapy/coaching to students and graduates, subject to availability.  



Students are continuously monitored and assessed throughout the course. To enable successful monitoring students will be provided with a Journal and required to document their own research, reading, personal development and client practice between modules. Hypnotherapy involves both science and art. Students will be encouraged to develop their own unique style whilst adhering to core methods, principles and ethics. In addition to the journal, short assignments and modular questions will also be required to be completed. Tutors will support students through the assessment process and monitor progress in the and out of the classroom. Each student will be scheduled and required to attend three one to one sessions with their tutor. This provides time to discuss your learning requirements and be provided with appropriate feedback to ensure your success. It is expected that on completion of the above that all students will pass the course evaluation.



It is company policy to ensure that the tutors assigned to a class on the first weekend will remain with that class for the duration of their training. However, we reserve the right to deploy different tutors where unforeseen circumstances arise. This will not affect the course content or the quality of training.



Students are expected to attend all weekend modules in order to achieve the required 120 contact hours. In the event that a student is not able to attend a particular module or session, due notice should be given so that the tutor will in the first instance provide the student with an alternative class. In the event of an emergency or being unable to attend an alternative class, students will be given the opportunity to catch up by seeing one of our tutors privately. There will, however, be an additional cost of £75.00 for this service in addition to the monthly course fee. Due to GHSC accreditation requirements, private one to one catch ups are only permitted once.

Student’s punctuality to class is required. Those who habitually arrive late, or leave early, will have this time deducted from their attendance record and therefore may not satisfy the criteria to pass the course.



Students taking advantage of our pay as you go system are expected to pay all fees on the Saturday of each weekend. Failure to do so may result in a delay in your graduation or temporary suspension. Students are paying fees for a diploma course and not paying based on attendance. Evolve choose to break the total cost of the diploma down into eleven equal payments to help you financially. The course itself could be concluded earlier than anticipated depending on class numbers and delivery methods. Acceptable payment methods are bank transfer or cash.



Evolve reserves the right to remove any student from their training programmes if their behaviour or conduct is regarded as unacceptable and/or negatively impacts on the learning experience of other students. In the exceptional circumstance that Evolve does have to ask a student to leave a course, there will be no refund for any modules attended and no exceptions. A refund of any fees for weekends NOT attended but previously paid for will be given.


We reserve the right to refuse entry onto the course. We may dismiss anyone from the course at any time for reasons including, but not limited to, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (illegal or non-prescribed), inappropriate behaviour, repeated non-participation of home study or classroom activities, or non-payment of fees.





Support and encourage  students throughout their training with us

Abide by the code of ethics laid out by our accrediting bodies

Treat all students with respect at all times

Maintain individual student confidentiality

Be approachable and open to constructive feedback



Behave professionally at all times both inside and outside of the training room

Be ambassadors of the hypnotherapy profession and Evolve School Of Clinical Hypnosis

Maintain class and client confidentiality at all times

Be willing to work with all members of the group.

Respect others on the course and be aware of how their behaviour may Impact on others

Participate as fully as possible and engage with the opportunities offered on the course

Be honest about any difficulties or issues they may be experiencing during their study personal or otherwise (content, other participants, tutors or learning) as soon as possible so evolve can endeavour to reach a reasonable solution.

Complete all assessment and practical requirements on time.

Attend 3 one to one supervision meetings with their tutor

Accept and deliver constructive feedback with grace and respect

Pay fees in full and on time as stated in point 5



If you have a complaint we suggest that it is initially brought to your course tutor. Where this is not applicable you may make your complaint in writing to the Principal of Evolve School of Clinical Hypnosis. Contact details will be supplied by calling +44 113 345 6817. Should this not resolve the complaint then the formal procedure as laid out by our accrediting body should be used.



Evolve School of Clinical Hypnosis is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and shall not discriminate on the basis of age, race, colour, creed, culture, religion, disability, education, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class and status. 

All students must consider and address their own prejudices and stereotyping behaviour, thereby ensuring that an anti-discriminatory approach is an integral part of their learning process. Evolve School of Clinical Hypnosis will immediately suspend any student who displays any form of prejudice or discrimination, in or out of the training room, until a full investigation has been carried out.


Evolve School of Clinical Hypnotherapy has a duty of care to all of its students. Therefore it is the student's responsibility to disclose when asked, any known current mental wellbeing issues to ensure the course tutor can appropriately support all students throughout their training process. DISCLOSURE WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR APPLICATION. Failure to disclose can result in students being removed from the course, for their own welfare.

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