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Advance Your Education, Kick Start a New Career!

Here at Evolve, we offer a modern and fully comprehensive Diploma training course in clinical hypnotherapy. Our course has been written by our very own professional hypnotherapists who run successful Hypnotherapy practices and are experienced in their field.


In addition to the Diploma, Evolve offers a variety of Workshops and CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses; supervision; mentoring and development programmes. These support the advancing therapist wishing to maintain professional registration. A further advanced training course is also available for experienced therapists wanting to develop clinical practice.


Evolve training is an interactive learning process enabling all types of learners to access this life-changing course. We use an array of assessment tools allowing all students a direct input into their own learning. This helps students to see their own strengths and weaknesses and facilitates learning from experience. 


As a student of hypnotherapy here at Evolve, the skills, techniques and knowledge you acquire will not only serve your clients but they will primarily work for you too. We can promise you not only a Diploma to practice but also eleven months of self-discovery and a self-development process unlike no other. We look forward to meeting you.

Reasons to train with Evolve Hypnotherapy

The Practitioner Diploma adheres to the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy


Fully accredited by the GHSC


Training focuses equally on theory and practical application of hypnosis within a classroom setting


Students will be taught how to work in a unique and tailored way with clients using a person-centred approach


Training is provided over a 11-month period of learning and assessment.


Students with prior knowledge or experience within the field of hypnotherapy can apply for fast-track learning

Training is open to all, subject to application and is not dependant on previous level of education


The course is adapted to suit all individual learning styles


Regular assessment and supervisions are completed on a 1 to 1 basis with all students to support learning


Course fees can be paid in monthly instalments


Fully comprehensive training manuals provided


Learner assessment tools and practitioner administrative resources provided

Live - Thrive - Evolve


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Within every experience lies a simple choice - evolve or remain...

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