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Comments from Donna's previous students

Donna was superb, a great tutor and very good at teaching.

Paul Bishoprick, Hull

Donna is a font of knowledge and experience, she is a very caring, kind hearted person who just wants to help everyone. She is a first class tutor, and leads by example.

Stephen Hendricks, Leeds

Donna is an excellent teacher, a beautiful, serene, calm and loving person. How could she not succeed in bringing out the best in others?  She's a great asset.

Juliette Memmott, Spain

I found Donna to be extremely supportive.  She was very reliable and responsive, acting quickly, when I had concerns about working with clients specifically when wanting to ascertain the best tools to use within my working sessions, where I felt out of my depth, due to lack of skill/knowledge/experience.
Donna´s working approach is one of care, inclusivity using excellent communication skills and engages well with all the students giving everyone adequate time to express level of understanding of subjects being delivered.  She gave over and above attention to student support and that was greatly appreciated by me.    

Teresa Patey, Spain

Whilst I cannot compare, I doubt we could have had a better tutor.  Donna represents the standard.               

Gregory Alexander, Spain​

Donna is a genuine, sensitive and caring person. She is enthusiastic about her craft and totally committed to it which makes her a fantastic, inspirational teacher.  She has a great anecdote to support every learning objective and it was always a pleasure to be taught by her.                           

Christine Bruce, Spain​

The best!  Donna is amazing!!              

Marta Aguirre, Spain​

Personable, approachable and knowledgeable and made you want to learn.        

Paul Wattam, Nottingham​

Donna is absolutely amazing. She is caring, involved, supportive and always by your side to help you develop and obtain more. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very experienced and also very sincere. You feel her heart pouring through everything and it makes her an amazing, loving and compassionate teacher. She checked in with the group, kept the organization running smoothly and makes sure we reached our objectives. She was not overly strict or overly flexible and was tuned in right to the level and understanding of the group making sure there was respect and a good constructive atmosphere, whilst doing this in such a multicultural group, quite impressive.        

Jacqueline Moulen, Valencia ​

Donna is a wonderful tutor. Approachable and empathetic. Her kindness and understanding knew no bounds.             

Annie Robinson, Spain ​

Donna was a great trainer giving her best knowledge and experience.             

Jacob Shrekel, Spain ​

Complete professional. Knowledgeable, great teacher, hard if not impossible to beat.  Donna cannot be faulted, her passion shone through and she was inspirational. Thank you

Paul Chaloner, Spain ​

Perfect a wonderful human being, very understanding took the time a trouble to ensure you understood everything during the course some who was prepared to go the extra mile to make sure you understood.     10 plus.      

Phillip Davis, Spain ​

Donna was the perfect person. Enthusiastic, patient and presents in an easy to understand format.

Alison Noonan, Spain​

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